Sephora Master Cleanse: Daily Brush Cleaner

If you tune in regularly to this blog, you know that a great deal of my findings usually come from Wal-Mart or the dollarstore. Well, you’ll be glad (and maybe even a little surprised) to know that this week, that won’t be the case. This week’s noteworthy item comes right off Sephora’s shelves and was recommended to me by my big sister Vee. While collaborating on a post together, she asked me if I had makeup brushes, and I told her I did but that they were all dirty. Just then, she produced a bottle from her bag, started swirling my brush in some paper and in a matter of seconds, it was clean. And I mean “clean, clean”, not “kinda clean”. It was as if my brush had never even been dipped in foundation! And best of all is that it’s free of alcohol, so it won’t ruin your brushes over time. A definite must have for any girl– especially lazy ones like me that don’t always clean their brushes as often as they should… I managed to snag a 59.1 mL bottle for just $10,50. It also comes in a 177.4 mL bottle for $19, but my sister Vee got the smaller format and says it lasted her a long time. To show you just how well it works, I took a before and after picture of my makeup brush. The second picture is the result after a quick cleaning while the third one is the result of a more thorough clean (like you might do if you weren’t in a rush). Slip into the nearest Sephora and find out what all the fuss is about.


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