I recently I had the pleasure of attending my girl Daphney’s gorgeous summer wedding! I often feel like most people don’t enjoy attending nuptials anymore because of all the hoopla that goes into it (like searching for the perfect dress, finding the right shoes to match or that your plus one doesn’t wait until the last minute to make sure his tux fits).

Now truth be told, to a certain extent– I kinda get it! And if I’m gonna keep it all the way real, I’ll admit that personally, I tend to enjoy weddings a lot more when I’m not actually part of the bridal party. Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s an honor for someone to want for you to share in their special day– it’s just that my wallet doesn’t always feel the same way. Also, it can become very stressful at times. That’s why I was all too happy to be able to take the backseat on this one & simply enjoy the festivities from afar!

When I think of all of the reasons why I can’t get enough of weddings, a long list of things come to mind. I’ve always loved big celebrations & I think there’s nothing better than bringing together those who care about you most to share in your happiness by celebrating such a joyful occasion.

I’m also my mother’s daughter, which means I love any & all  excuses to get dolled up & socialize in a beautiful setting. As girl’s, I think it’s on of the things we do best!

Through the years, I’ve come to realize that I’m very observant, but when it comes to executing tasks that require attention to detail, I tend to fall flat. So much work goes into putting a wedding together, which is why I appreciate being able to see the end result. Everything from the wedding party ensembles, to the color scheme, the center pieces & the coordination of the place settings (Oh, yes. I am a sucker, for a good-looking place setting!) is just fascinating to me. It makes for great Instagram inspo!

Most importantly, what I love most is being to witness the union of two people who just genuinely care for each other. We live in a day & age where marriage isn’t seen as “important” or “necessary” anymore, but I think it’s nice to see that some people still value it so much.

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