Current Beauty Favorites

Well I told you I’d be back soon with more content, didn’t I?

While going through my previous blog posts to get rid of The Bad & The Ugly, I realized I’ve never done a monthly favorites post. To be honest, I don’t really have any plans to start at this point (especially since Youtube’s got that more than covered… ) That being said, I recently acquired a lot of wonderful new products since my birthday & thought I’d take a minute to share them with you today, just this once.

Maybelline FitMe Matte Foundation
This one is an oldie but a damn-sure-goodie. Since having repurchased my second bottle, (this time in the matte formulation) it kind of feels like I’ve fallen for it all over again. I gotta be say it: Maybelline really got it right with this one. This foundation gives me a good amount coverage, looks natural, comes in a variety of shades (mine is Cappuccino) & all at a price point I can actually afford?! Seriously. What more could a girl ask for?

Becca x Chrissy Teigan Glow Face Palette
I recently got this palette as a birthday gift from sister & I love it so much it almost leaves me speechless. First off, I have zero complaints whatsoever about this palette. I mean yes, I admit– the price-point is definitely more than I’d ever want to spend on any one product but the colors are so freaking gorgeous & perfect for creating a bronzy, glowy look. After seeing how some Youtubers like to really pack it on, I was surprised to learn just how easy it was to achieve a soft, lit from within glow– and without much product. Oh yes, ladies. It’s just that good.

E.L.F Powder Blush Palette
I’ve been using this little palette in “Dark”, non-stop for the last two weeks & I can’t get enough of it! I initially had major buyer’s remorse after getting it, but since using it, I’ve become sort of obsessed… I love the over sized mirror & its’ sleek compact which makes it perfect for travel, and the shade selection makes it easy for you to create a variety of looks with just one quad. I really tried to get it right but sadly, the picture above just doesn’t do this palette justice. Despite their richness in color, it really does bring the most flattering color to cheeks.

Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies Big Eyes
This item is one I picked up about a year ago during a l’Oreal warehouse sale. I bought it on a bit of a whim because of the price but never got around to using it. In an effort to cut down on spending (and actually start using what I have the what I have. SMDH. Story of my life), I decided to give it a shot & I have to say that I’m impressed. So many beauty products make grandiose claims but this one actually lives up to them. It does a great job of lengthening, volumizing & giving your eyes that wide-eyed, baby-doll look without looking overly fake. And though the cylindrical shape does make it a bit awkward to hold, I actually like that it comes with a smaller brush for those tiny lower lashes


Milani Moisture Matte Lipstick
I’ve been wanting to find a good nude lipstck for a while but never managed to find the right shade. You know. The one that wouldn’t make me look like a corps. Well, after much searching, buying & shade testing, I finally found my match in Milani’s “Matte Naked”. This mauvy nude is just as smooth & creamy as Milani’s other lipsticks & is very brown/ black girl friendly– something that can be hard to come by at the drugstore. I also really enjoy using it to create a monochromatic, nude look (the kind Kim Kardashian & La La Anthony often wear).


N.Y.C. 8 Hour City Proof Extended Wear Lipgloss
I know most people hate sticky gloss– but I absolutely love it! There is nothing I hate more than having to reapply makeup. I mean who has time for that?! I just want to do my makeup in the morning & go. I don’t mind blotting, but that’s as far as I’ll go. Today’s glosses require constant reapplying & I can’t stand that. I’d been looking for a shimmery pink & brown gloss for a while, so I picked these up at the drugstore & was pleasantly surprised after trying them on. They become sticky gradually over time after putting it on. I put it to the test & it actually does stay put for 8 hours. So if you’re looking for something with major stay power, this is it!

And that’s it! Be sure to share your current beauty favorites with me or let me know what you think of mine by leaving your thoughts & I’ll see you next time!


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