A Fair To Remember

Last weekend, I finally decided to rid my SD card of the older content I has stored on it. While doing that, I came across some photos of a chocolate & sweets fair I went a few months back. JTMEC (short for “Je t’aimes en chocolat” which mean, “I love you in chocolate”) is hands down my favorite Montreal fair. No other festival does a better job (more…)


I recently I had the pleasure of attending my girl Daphney’s gorgeous summer wedding! I often feel like most people don’t enjoy attending nuptials anymore because of all the hoopla that goes into it (like searching for the perfect dress, finding the right shoes to match or that your plus one doesn’t wait until the last minute to make sure his tux fits (more…)


Last week, I stopped by Place-des-arts, Montreal’s number one’s spot for all things artistic, to see its’ latest installment of the Illuminart festival. During the 8 week long event, spectators can view fairytale inspired illustrations come to life right before their eyes from inside a series of large zoetropes (which is sort of like a really big kaleidoscope (more…)

La fête des vins du Québec

I recently stepped out for a night out with the girls to attend the 11th annual fête des vins du Québec, a festival dedicated to discovering wines from Québec. The event, which spans over three days, brings together wine makers & wine-lovers (& some very mouthwatering cheeses!) from across the province in the hopes introducing attendees to what will hopefully become their new favorites. (more…)