A Fair To Remember

Last weekend, I finally decided to rid my SD card of the older content I has stored on it. While doing that, I came across some photos of a chocolate & sweets fair I went a few months back. JTMEC (short for “Je t’aimes en chocolat” which mean, “I love you in chocolate”) is hands down my favorite Montreal fair. No other festival does a better job (more…)

“Je t’aimes en chocolat!” Trade Show

Last weekend I attended the 5th edition of “Je t’aimes en chocolat!”, a trade show dedicated to chocolate and the people who love it. Over the course of three days, various merchants and consumers from all over come together to share and discover a slew of delectable treats. The event, held in Old Montreal’s Marché Bonsecours, features professional chefs, master chocolatiers, fashion designers and other artists. While there, I saw fashion shows (the first featured fantastic hats made of chocolate while the second was dedicated to masks and garments made with chocolate accents), chocolate sculptures and of course, some unbelievably sumptuous confections. What I love most about this event, is that it combines my love of art and sweets. Every time I go, I can’t wait to see what what amazing things they have in store. There’s something there for everyone including kids.

We started the afternoon with a mini photo-shoot complete with props (look below for pictures!), picked up our complimentary sweets and got to exploring. With my sister and cousin in tow, I scoured the marketplace determined to try and leave with something new and delicious. I went from stand to stand, walking by Crémy patisseries’ freshly baked doughnuts, Bad Monkey’s mouth-watering popcorn (the Twister is my favorite and their reps were so personable!) and Sugar Lady‘s gorgeous cupcakes, to name a few. Funny enough, with everything there, my only purchases ended up coming from a chocolate shop I already know and love: Chocolats Privilèges. I picked up some truffles, some macaroons and the most delightful dark chocolate & sea salt caramel pellets from them.

As I roamed around, I couldn’t help but notice just how much the event has grown. This time, there were more vendors (and tasty samples) than ever! So much so that instead of being held in one room, it took place in several rooms and floors of the marketplace. My only regret, is that I wasn’t able to see the chocolate painted canvases, or any of the cooking demonstrations.  I was also told there was a chocolate fountain complete with fruit and ice-candy, but with so many things and rooms to see (and even more people to navigate through…), it was hard to make time to see everything. Still, the event was absolutely wonderful and left me feeling like a kid in one great, big candy store– literally!


A Few Of My Favorite Things

I’m often telling you about all the wonderful new things I discover and fall in love with, but in an effort let you get to know me a bit better, I thought I’d share with you some of my truly, all-time favorite things.



I love to read and never ever go anywhere without throwing a book in my bag. I especially love fiction and murder-mysteries. Some of my past favorites include Harry Potter and The Mortal Instruments series, I-III (Cassandra Clare should’ve ended it there if you ask me…). Next up, I want to read the Percy Jackson series because I really enjoy Greek mythology (the story of Icarus is my favorite). I’ve had the books for years but never gotten around to reading them!



Red Nail Polish:
I’m an absolute sucker for pretty, shiny nails. I especially love red nail polish and am always searching for that perfect red (like the one Kim Cattral wears in the first Sex & The City movie– if you know what it is, please let me know!).  My current favorite is Essie’s “Russian Roulette”. It’s a beautiful bright red shade with orange undertones.



Fine Chocolates:
I love chocolate. Anyone who knows me can tell you that. I currently get my fix at Chocolats privilège. They make the most sumptuous chocolates (some of my favorites include the Marc Champagne truffle, the Amaretto truffle and the sea salt caramel)! Definitely something to try if you’re in the Montreal area!



Blue jeans and a white tee-shirt:
I know it sounds so simple, but I really do think there’s nothing quite like a good pair of fitted denims and a crisp white tee. I think it’s one of the sexiest things a person can throw on. It’s my go-to outfit when I have no clue what to wear– that or all black. It always works and will never go out of style!



Aldo Accessories:
These are actually two gifts given to me by my amazing best friend Fabby. I love all things 50’s-inspired, so she gave me this beautiful pearl cuff and head-piece as a birthday present. I just wish I had more of a reason to wear them as often as I’d like to!

Vinnie Gambini’s, Beef Bavette & Fries

I recently stopped by Vinnie Gambini’s for a little late lunch.  I had been meaning to try out one of their client favorites, and since my schedule had opened up after missing a cooking workshop, I figured there was no better time.  I placed my order and was extremely pleased to receive it because it looked it looked so tasty (I’m a sucker for great presentation and things smothered in gravy!) and was even more pleased after tasting it.  I love a well seasoned cut of meat, and that’s exactly what I got here.  The bavette came doused in a brown peppercorn gravy that tasted like a nice, smoky Marsala sauce.  The only negative point of the meal was that my steak did get a little tough to cut into and chew around the middle, so instead of ordering it well done, I’d ask for it to be medium well instead.  Then, for dessert, I ordered a slice of the Dolce Vita cake, which was absolutely amazing.  It’s a light chocolate cake that’s layered with a mousse filling, topped off with a rich chocolate ganache, caramel drizzle and crushed walnuts.  Perfect for sharing over coffee with friends.
So whether you’re stopping in for lunch, coffee & dessert or drinks with friends, you should definately make Vinnie Gambini’s your next stop.