I recently I had the pleasure of attending my girl Daphney’s gorgeous summer wedding! I often feel like most people don’t enjoy attending nuptials anymore because of all the hoopla that goes into it (like searching for the perfect dress, finding the right shoes to match or that your plus one doesn’t wait until the last minute to make sure his tux fits (more…)


Every time I go to Ottavio’s, I always have a wonderful time that’s I decided to host my sister’s 30th birthday bash there. At first I thought of going somewhere else, but what I’ve come to realize over the years is that milestones aren’t always the best time to “try something new”. After a friend of mine recently told me about his mom’s birthday dinner debacle (complete with bad customer service, (more…)

Food & Wine


This year, for my best friend Fabby’s 28th birthday, I traveled home to Ottawa, Ontario to attend the food & wine event she chose to host in the comfort of her own home. I’m not really sure why it never crossed our minds to do this before. Especially since we’d both attended one in the past and had such a great time… Anyway, the event was a complete success of course, thanks to Costco’s amazing food selection (of seasoned meatballs, freshly baked baguette, tasty salami, juicy grapes, a variety of cheeses and one pretty bad-ass tuxedo cake!), a lot of wine (which included several bottles of pinot grigiot, chardonnay and red wine) and the musical playlist of the century (which surprisingly enough featured many repeats of Jiddena’s “Classic Man”, as well as my favorite new Fetty Wap track, “679” (I just love that damn beat…). We laughed, ate, drank– and turned all the way up until the wee hours of the morning. So if you’ve got an upcoming birthday to celebrate and want to do something different or if you’re just looking for an excuse to throw a get-together, have some wine and a clatchetly good time (clatchetly: a cross between classy and ratchet), I strongly suggest holding one of your own. Look below to see pictures of event.

Take care and as always,

Love, Emmee