A Fair To Remember

Last weekend, I finally decided to rid my SD card of the older content I has stored on it. While doing that, I came across some photos of a chocolate & sweets fair I went a few months back. JTMEC (short for “Je t’aimes en chocolat” which mean, “I love you in chocolate”) is hands down my favorite Montreal fair. No other festival does a better job (more…)


Every time I go to Ottavio’s, I always have a wonderful time that’s I decided to host my sister’s 30th birthday bash there. At first I thought of going somewhere else, but what I’ve come to realize over the years is that milestones aren’t always the best time to “try something new”. After a friend of mine recently told me about his mom’s birthday dinner debacle (complete with bad customer service, (more…)


Last week, I stopped by Place-des-arts, Montreal’s number one’s spot for all things artistic, to see its’ latest installment of the Illuminart festival. During the 8 week long event, spectators can view fairytale inspired illustrations come to life right before their eyes from inside a series of large zoetropes (which is sort of like a really big kaleidoscope (more…)

La fête des vins du Québec

I recently stepped out for a night out with the girls to attend the 11th annual fête des vins du Québec, a festival dedicated to discovering wines from Québec. The event, which spans over three days, brings together wine makers & wine-lovers (& some very mouthwatering cheeses!) from across the province in the hopes introducing attendees to what will hopefully become their new favorites. (more…)