A Fair To Remember

Last weekend, I finally decided to rid my SD card of the older content I has stored on it. While doing that, I came across some photos of a chocolate & sweets fair I went a few months back. JTMEC (short for “Je t’aimes en chocolat” which mean, “I love you in chocolate”) is hands down my favorite Montreal fair. No other festival does a better job (more…)

“Je t’aimes en chocolat!” Trade Show

Last weekend I attended the 5th edition of “Je t’aimes en chocolat!”, a trade show dedicated to chocolate and the people who love it. Over the course of three days, various merchants and consumers from all over come together to share and discover a slew of delectable treats. The event, held in Old Montreal’s Marché Bonsecours, features professional chefs, master chocolatiers, fashion designers and other artists. While there, I saw fashion shows (the first featured fantastic hats made of chocolate while the second was dedicated to masks and garments made with chocolate accents), chocolate sculptures and of course, some unbelievably sumptuous confections. What I love most about this event, is that it combines my love of art and sweets. Every time I go, I can’t wait to see what what amazing things they have in store. There’s something there for everyone including kids.

We started the afternoon with a mini photo-shoot complete with props (look below for pictures!), picked up our complimentary sweets and got to exploring. With my sister and cousin in tow, I scoured the marketplace determined to try and leave with something new and delicious. I went from stand to stand, walking by Crémy patisseries’ freshly baked doughnuts, Bad Monkey’s mouth-watering popcorn (the Twister is my favorite and their reps were so personable!) and Sugar Lady‘s gorgeous cupcakes, to name a few. Funny enough, with everything there, my only purchases ended up coming from a chocolate shop I already know and love: Chocolats Privilèges. I picked up some truffles, some macaroons and the most delightful dark chocolate & sea salt caramel pellets from them.

As I roamed around, I couldn’t help but notice just how much the event has grown. This time, there were more vendors (and tasty samples) than ever! So much so that instead of being held in one room, it took place in several rooms and floors of the marketplace. My only regret, is that I wasn’t able to see the chocolate painted canvases, or any of the cooking demonstrations.  I was also told there was a chocolate fountain complete with fruit and ice-candy, but with so many things and rooms to see (and even more people to navigate through…), it was hard to make time to see everything. Still, the event was absolutely wonderful and left me feeling like a kid in one great, big candy store– literally!


Olivia Martel, Serendipity Cakes

Last week, I went back home to Ottawa, ON. for my cousin Mah’s 26th birthday.  After eating out, we took the festivities back to her place for dessert.  Once we were there, her sister Dee pulled out this gorgeous and intricately made cake… It was beautiful.  A real piece of art.  I asked her who made it and she told me it was someone she had found on Instagram (isn’t that awesome?).  The cake was so pretty Mah looked like she didn’t even want to cut into it– and I don’t blame her one bit.  The cake-stress did such an amazing job at making a cake that actually represents my cousin by using the colors and the subject she loves most (my cousin is a big fan of the color purple and fine arts).  And here’s the best part– the cake tasted JUST as good in not better, than it looked!  Am I the only one who has that issue?!  Maybe I’m just picky about my sweets but I just feel like I’m always disappointed after tasting a good looking cake…  Anyway, that definitely wasn’t the case here.   So if you live in Ottawa and you need a cake that is bomb, you know who to call.

If you’d like to know more about this young entrepreneur named Olivia (and possibly place your first order…) click the link below and check out her beautiful website:

Random Sidebar: I don’t know if you guys can see it well, but Olivia even made a tiny woman playing the violin (just like my cousin) out of fondant.  Seriously.  Now that’s talent.